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PROM 30 Published - Check out the OSA Article!

Edition 30 of PROM magazine has been published - you can read the full edition here in English or Welsh.

The OSA has again contributed a regular piece to PROM by our President Lauren, which can be read through the links above, and is also provided below.

PROM 30 - OSA Article:

Over the past year, and in particular in recent months as the UK has started to reopen, I have had strong feeling of “hiraeth”. Not being able to return to Aberystwyth on a regular basis has been one of the things that I have missed very much throughout the pandemic, but I do hope that as we adapt and evolve, I and others who have not been able to visit and re-unite in Aberystwyth will be able to do so very soon. Whilst online events and meetings have been a lifeline recently, there is nothing quite like walking down the promenade and seeing Old College looking out across the sea in real life!

It is an honour to have been elected as the President of the Old Students’ Association for the next two years and a great pleasure to be able to connect with so many alumni, both from all over the world and from cohorts across the years, which is one of my favourite things about the OSA. I’d like to express heartfelt thanks to Gwenda Sippings for her commitment to the Presidency over the past three years, and it was a pleasure to have supported as Vice-President during this time.

I am looking forward to the continued opportunities that the OSA brings to keep in touch with and support the University and current students through exciting developments. The next two years hold a lot of cause for celebration and optimism, in particular the 130th anniversary of the OSA during 2022, Old College’s redevelopment, and eagerly-awaited graduation ceremonies amongst some of the highlights.

In the OSA we often talk about the Aber Spirit that is shared between alumni no matter when or what you studied, and our members have surely shown that even when you can’t physically connect, the Aber Spirit remains strong and there will always be a special connection that we share because of our Aber experience. This spirit has been evident in the innovation our members have shown to keep events running and finding new ways to connect, and in their unwavering dedication to the OSA and support of the University even during a pandemic. It has really been a great positive force during a difficult time. And on a very personal note, I actually met my partner in London in the years after I left Aber; he studied and left two years before I joined the University so we never met there, but the Aber Spirit definitely brought us together later on (thank you, Aber!).

We are always welcoming new Life Members of the OSA and happy that many alumni want to take the small extra step with us on our journey, keeping in touch with the University and its alumni, and working with us to support the University, current students, and looking to the future. If you’d like to know more please visit our website where Life Membership is available, or get in touch. Of course, all graduates will always be alumni and will continue to be kept up to date directly by the Development and Alumni Relations Office.

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