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Why join the OSA ?

By joining the OSA you will:

  • Help to ensure that future students are able to take full advantage of studying in Aber and the wider student experience

  • Have a constructive and valued voice in University direction and decision-making

  • Take an active interest in and keep in touch with University developments

  • Help us to direct our modest funds towards key projects that will enrich the student experience

  • Keep in touch with the alumni community via the OSA and various OSA branches across the UK and abroad

  • Share your "Aber Spirit" with other alumni who also want to continue to more actively support the University and students


Lifelong membership is a single, one-off contribution, there are no renewal fees! 


How we use your membership monies


The OSA is not directly involved with fundraising from Alumni, that is looked after through the university DARO department. We use the modest membership fees to support specific strategic projects that we believe will support and enrich student experiences now and in the future.


In recent years OSA memberships have supported various student bursaries targeted at areas identified with the help of the Students' Union and the University and have made a contribution towards the Old College Appeal and the AberFund. For all new life memberships received during 2022, we are committing to use funds from these to continue to fund opportunities for current and future students including through grants and/or bursaries. 


The Old Students Association is independent of the university, DARO, and the Students' Union, so we are able to provide constructive and independent input and support to the University and issues or changes which impact on life at the University. To this end, our President has regular meetings with the Vice Chancellor and Students' Union officers to receive updates and discuss the opportunities and challenges that they face both now and on the horizon. OSA Officers also have a seat at the table at University meetings such as the Old College Project Board and University Court amongst others. We also work closely with DARO on alumni engagement events such as the Annual Reunion weekend and more recently, online events such as lectures and webinars. 


We are also committed to revitalising our communications to OSA members to enable them to feel even closer to the University by the sea that we love so much.

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