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About the OSA

Aberystwyth Old Students Association is an organisation of alumni who are united in their affection for this historic and much loved University by the sea and on the hill, and in their desire to help it rise to modern-day challenges.

The OSA is one of the oldest alumni associations in Great Britain and like those at other historic colleges, Aberystwyth OSA is a respected voice in matters that affect the University and its students. Like the University it has evolved over time and it now enables past and current students to remain part of the Aber community – united in their friendship, in their passion for Aber and sharing a common purpose to ensure that Aber keeps its “Aber Vibe”.

The lifelong membership fee is a one-off payment and funds are used to help support projects and initiatives that will enable students to continue to thrive in this special environment. OSA is actively engaged with current students, listens to their suggestions and concerns and can provide an independent voice in University affairs.

The OSA is governed by a modern constitution and our activities are overseen by an elected Committee who meet quarterly.

The AGM is held during the annual reunion weekend and is open to all OSA members.

Keep your Aber Vibe and help Aber thrive – Join the OSA today


Lifelong membership is open to all former students and staff of Aberystwyth University (or UCW Aberystwyth, UW Aberystwyth, The College of Librarianship and the Welsh Agricultural College) and costs just £20

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